Find Your Lost iPhone Even If It’s Turned off or Erased

In what might be a living nightmare for thieves who close up an iPhone to prevent it from being located, Apple has empowered Find My Network with the power to trace a lost iPhone even when it’s turned off, factory reset, or put in power reserve mode. So, how does this new iOS 15 feature work, and more importantly, the way to find your lost iPhone even when it’s turned off or erased? That’s what we are getting to discuss during this hands-on guide.

Find Your Lost iPhone albeit It’s Powered off or Factory Reset

It would be better to dive a touch deep into the small print to work out how this all-new Find My security feature works in iOS 15 and whether or not your iPhone can support it. Then, we’ll check out the steps to seek out your lost iPhone.

How is locate My Network ready to Track an iPhone Even When It’s Turned off?

In order to stay findable, it seems the iPhone doesn’t get completely powered off. Instead, the device remains during a low-power state, allowing nearby iOS devices to possess access to the Bluetooth signal and relay its location. meaning you’ll be ready to find the situation of your iPhone albeit it runs out of battery. Even better, location tracking will keep working even when the iPhone is reset to factory settings.

When your iPhone runs low on power for the primary time after updating to iOS 15, it shows an alert saying, “iPhone Remains Findable After Power Off. Find My helps you find this iPhone when it’s lost or stolen, even when it’s in power reserve mode or when powered off. you’ll change this “Find My network” functionality by getting to Find My in Settings.”

The alert makes it crystal clear that Apple has finally equipped Find My to fight against theft.

iPhone Models That Support Find My When Turned Off

As is that the case with most big-ticket features, the Find My tracking feature is supported only by select iPhone models. These include:

iPhone 12 Pro Max
iPhone 12 Pro
iPhone 12
iPhone 12 mini
iPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone 11 Pro
iPhone 11

If you’re wondering why older iPhones like iPhone Xs or iPhone SE 2 are overlooked , it’s because the Find My tracking feature uses Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology, which may be a component of Apple’s U1 chip. Since only iPhone 11 and newer models (except the iPhone SE 2) are equipped with the U1 chip, the older iPhone models don’t support the Find My tracking functionality.

Even though Apple Watch Series 6 comes with the U1 chip, it doesn’t work with Find My when turned off as of now. Maybe Apple wants to stay this feature exclusive to iPhone or even the tech giant is getting to add it because the next big watchOS feature at WWDC 2022. No one, except Apple, knows the precise reason why the fully equipped Apple Watch 6 doesn’t supports this notable Find My security feature.

Keep in mind that if you’ve got an older iPad or iPhone model, iOS 15/ iPadOS 15 can still allow you to use Find My when the device is offline. The feature will pack up the instant your incompatible device is turned off.

Enable Find My iPhone and Find My Network from Settings

Now that you simply skills this security feature works, we should always inspect the steps to enable it. First, confirm Find My iPhone and Find My network is enabled on your iOS device before you plow ahead with the look for your lost iPhone.

Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Now, tap on your profile at the highest .

3. Next, select “Find My” and tap on “Find My iPhone“.

4. Finally, confirm the toggles for “Find My iPhone” and “Find My network” are turned on.

Method 1: Use Find My App to trace Your Lost iPhone

As always, use the Find My app to trace your lost iPhone. the sole major change is that you simply will now be ready to track your iPhone even when it’s powered off or erased.

1. Open the Find My app on your iPhone and tap the “Devices” tab at rock bottom .

2. Now, select the device whose location you would like to ascertain . Now, the Find My network will show you the present location of your device.

Method 2: Use Your Friend’s iPhone to seek out Your Lost iPhone Even When It’s Turned Off/ Erased

What if you don’t have another iPhone or MacBook to trace the lost iPhone? Bother not, as you’ll also use your friend’s iPhone to locate your lost iOS device.

Open the Find My app on your friend’s iPhone and attend the “Me” tab.

2. Now, scroll down and tap on the “Help a Friend” link. then , log in to your iCloud account using your Apple ID and password. After signing in to your account, select the lost iPhone you would like to trace to seek out its current location.

Method 3: Use iCloud to seek out Your Lost iPhone Even When It’s Powered Off/ Factory Reset

You can also use iCloud’s website to trace your lost iPhone albeit it’s been powered off or doesn’t have enough battery backup. the method is straightforward , so follow the steps below:

Open a browser and head over to
Now, check in to your account and click on on “Find iPhone“.

2. you’ll be asked to enter your Apple ID password again to proceed.

3. On subsequent page, you ought to find the present location of your lost iPhonTrack Your iPhone’s Location albeit It’s Powered Off or Factory Reset

Well, that’s just about it! So that’s how you’ll track the situation of your lost iPhone even when it’s pack up or erased. While Find My has always been helpful, it’s never looked so potent to fight smartphone theft. the power to permit users to trace the situation even when their device is turned off or has been reset can are available handy find a lost iPhone. More importantly, it’ll also go an extended way in reducing the theft of iPhones. thereupon said, we also suggest you inspect other new privacy-oriented features in iOS 15. It includes the new Mail Privacy Protection feature, Private Relay as a part of the new iCloud+ subscription, and more. And if you’ve got any queries, do allow us to know within the comments section below.

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