Top 10 Best Shows like Mr. Robot on Soap2day

soap2day is one of the most popular free movie sites of all time. There is a hell lots of movies and shows available to watch them for free.  If you’re in love with thrillers that are psychological, such as Mr. Robot, this section will be an absolute treat for you. It’s almost impossible to stay away from the screen when these thrilling, eerie shows are on the screen. If you want to watch more such shows on soap2day  then this section is for you.

Top 10  Best shows like Mr. Robot to Watch On Soap2day

Of course, you’re going to see a myriad of websites that claim they are similar to the story of Mr. Robot, but in reality they do not. Therefore, instead of being confused, instead go through this section which has 10 fantastic shows that fit the style and the subject of Mr. Robot.

Orphan Black (2013 2013 – 2017)

Beginning the list of shows similar to Mr. Robot, we will start with the most comparable show in this genre, which can be found in Orphan Black. The show ran between 2013 and 2017 and had a total of five seasons that comprised of 50 episodes. The show is a blend of drama, science fiction, and psychological thriller that is the same as that of Mr. Robot.

It’s an Canadian show with Tatiana Maslany in the lead role as a number of people who are basically clones of one others.

You won’t get the hacking aspects the show, but you will appreciate the common theme of mystery and the mind-boggling plot that keeps you hooked until the conclusion of the show. The show’s main focus is characters like Sarah Manning who takes the identity of her duplicate Elizabeth Childs after witnessing her suicide.

The common theme of fighting against a nefarious organisation in both shows is what keeps you in touch to Orphan Black. However, the show poses some very serious issues about the issue of human cloning and the impact on the identity of an individual.

Legion (2017 – Present)

It is clear the science fiction level in a show if it is inspired by the Marvel character. Legion is one of these shows as Mr. Robot that focuses specifically on Marvel characters David Haller who is connected to the X-Men film series.

In addition to science fiction, you’ll also be able to experience aspects of psychological thriller and horror. Since it’s an Marvel show there will be to see superhero stories in this show too.

David Haller is the prime character that is who was diagnosed with Schizophrenia at an early age. He develops serious mental illness, which turns him into an anti-hero character. The show follows the lens of Haller and reveals his delusional perspective of the world.

Two seasons of the show has been aired , consisting of 19 episodes. The show has already been praised by viewers. The show looks promising and has captivated viewers with its thrilling, adventure-filled vibes. Expect more excitement and growth on The show’s coming years.

Black Mirror (2011 – Present)

Black Mirror shows epic similarity to the Mr. Robot concept. Robot since both are based on the latest technology and its devastating consequences. There is however a major distinction in the way they execute each. While other shows like Mr. Robot are a bit linear and consistent with their narrative, Black Mirror is an collection of characters that are new and brand-new stories.

Since the show doesn’t have a plotline that is linear it could be described as a relationship between modern technology and humans and can be used against the makers of these technologies and can backfire extremely severely.

The show’s characters undergo changes each and every episode, this makes it simpler for you to view the show whenever you like without having to worry about the background. Every season, the producers are able to come up with new kinds of technology and characters battle the technology.

I believe that the way Black Mirror takes on the contemporary society and is extremely relevant and serves as a cautionary tale for human race as well. I feel that the show offers so much every episode that you will not be able to miss a single episode.

Hannibal (2013 to Hannibal (2013 -)

If you’re in search of similar shows to Mr. Robot that can provide the essence of terror along with excitement, Hannibal is the show you should choose. It is a never-ending psychological thriller that is based on the characters from books Red Dragon and Hannibal by Thomas Harris.

The show also sheds an eye upon the rivalry that exists between FBI agent Will Graham and a forensic psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

The show only has 3 seasons that consist of 39 episodes. I’m thinking it is best to keep watching it until the season following Mr. Robot premiers. You’ll be amazed by the way Will and Hannibal are each other’s aides on duty, but in reality Hannibal is the cannibal serial killer Will is seeking.

Hannibal begins to develop an intense bond with Will however instead of letting him leave his feelings, he decides to make him the killer. You will be enthralled by the battle of good against evil, and because the show is already gaining praise from critics, it is sure be a delight to watch.

Dexter (2006 to Dexter (2006 -)

You’ll be disappointed by Dexter due to its lack of technical background, however I do think it’s a psychological thriller, which is the norm in other shows like Mr. Robot. You can be sure that you’ll be able to discover it even more intriguing than Mr. Robot itself.

It’s an action drama that includes the aspects of black comedy as well. The show is centered around the character Dexter Morgan who is a trained forensic technician who is skilled in the analysis of blood spatter patterns.

But, no one knows that Dexter is living an escapist life, too and I believe this creates a show that is very similar to Hannibal. But, Dexter kills those people who commit murder and is able to escape the law.

I believe they are shows similar to Mr. Robot that provide the ideal suspense and drama for the viewers. The show has eight seasons. the show that comprise of the 96 episodes, you’re likely to encounter a fresh terrifying element in every one episode.

Mindhunter (2017 – Present)

The other option I have chosen for one of my shows such as Mr. Robot was Mindhunter. It’s been a bit many years since it began so it should be simpler for you to keep up with the pace of the show. There is only one season of 10 episodes have been shown to date, that blends the genres of the psychological thriller and crime drama background.

This is a web-based series that is based upon the real crime novel Mindhunter”Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit.

The plot takes place in the year 1977, which depicts the beginning of criminal profiling as well as criminal psychologies at FBI. The show is mostly centered around the characters Holden Ford and Bill Tench who are FBI agents and also focuses on the psychologist Wendy Carr.

Based on their knowledge of Criminal Psychology, the team set out to contact serial killers who are in prison and attempt to unravel the mysteries out of it. Every episode that follows, the series keeps getting more gripping and intense.

Individual of interest (2011 to 2011)

The Person of Interest series is the most comparable choices in the sense of shows similar to Mr. Robot since both show are built around the similar theme of drama and science fiction. The show runs for five seasons, which consist of 103 episodes.

The main character in the show The main character of the series is Harold Finch who is a private millionaire programmer. He creates an Super Computer for the government which is able to process any kinds of data to pinpoint the terrorists who plan to attack.

The machine then begins to collect information on other crimes, but the authorities considers them irrelevant. Thus, Harold hires a team to investigate these cases by himself however, the machine gradually begins to take control of itself, questions the need for human intervening in the case. This is the closest competition to Mr. Robot with regards to its technological strategy.

The show quickly became a massive success and racked up more viewers and engagement as it entered the final season. With a greater focus on the use to artificial intelligence (AI), the series shifted to science fiction instead of crime drama.

Westworld (2016 to present)

Are you looking for Mr. Robot-like shows, but with twists? You should definitely consider Westworld to see what it is like. It has only had two seasons with 20 episodes. This show was based around the theme of science fiction, which is a common theme in Mr. Robot and an American background to the show.

This show was based off the film that was made its debut in 1973. The storyline of the show is based on an imaginary and technically advanced amusement park called Westworld which was designed using a theme of western.

The park has a high-end experience for guests who want to live their fantasies without having to worry about the consequences. The show takes place in a futuristic , dystopian setting in which there are five additional similar parks run by a similar company Delos Inc.

The show is quite a bit wild in its theme , as it shows people raped and murdered by hosts, and not taking responsibility for the crime. The show is different from others, but the science fiction and mystery completely boggles your brain.

Rubicon (2010)

The next show in the series of Shows such as Mr. Robot, is Rubicon. It’s a conspiracy thriller with a touch of drama. The show, which is a surprise, has only been aired for one season with 10 episodes, and was cut in the middle. It was shocking to many viewers when the first episode proved to be the most watched AMC series.

Based on the plot, the show centers around the character Will Travers, an intelligent analyst employed by the American Policy Institute.

In this course, he discovers that he’s involved with people of an underground society that manipulates the world at a large scale. The show has a thrilling story and an intriguing plot, but it was removed by this method.

But I am certain you’ll enjoy this season of the show until the next season of Mr. Robot comes up.

Utopia (2013 2013 – 2014)

Utopia gets the last choice on the list below of Shows that are similar to Mr. Robot. It’s an British drama that has element of action and thrill in it. It has only been two seasons that comprise the 12 seasons. There isn’t a specific protagonist in the show, and instead shows a select group of people in total.

They discover that they are dealing in the midst of the sequel manuscript to graphic novel The Utopia Experiments. Based on The plotline in the film the first chapter of this novel was able to predict some of the biggest disasters of previous century. Now it was time for the next century to come with the sequel.

They are now expected to discover the truth that lies behind this book before calamities become reality and ruin everything.

The show may not incorporate the concept of technology but it, but it certainly includes aspects of psychology excitement, thrill, and of course the mystery. Through this show, the creators focused on important issues such as overpopulation and other issues of our contemporary world.


This is likely to be quite a challenging decision for you to make which is your first choice. Whatever the case you decide to pick, I’m certain this will be a thrilling journey for you, with lots of suspense, drama , and certainly some murders that happen on time. So, take a look at these shows such as Mr. Robot and dive into difficult dramas for the mind.

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